... is the greatest dogsport in the world, as teamwork, fun and motivation always have to be the most important part!

The great thing with dogdance is that everyone can dance with his dog. As there are no compulsary moves, you can always adapt the training to the strengths and talents of your dog.
This is one of the reasons why Dogdance is also great for older dogs or dogs with a physica handicap, as long as you look after your dog.

Also Dogdance is the only dogsport, where EVERY breed and mix can take part and be successful too. The great thing at the moment is, that a lot of so called "untrainable" and "stubborn" breeds come into this sport with fantastic routines.
As every team has to present its talents and strengths neither size, breed, agility nor speed are important.

And last but not least, Dogdance is combining dance and dogtraining. On one side, we have the grat job to teach our dogs lots and lots of different moves and elements.
On the other hand, working with the music is as important as training our dogs. To do so, you need phantasy, creativity and a feeling for music as every team has to develop its own choregraphies, always suited to the team.
This keeps Dogdance always interesing, for the teams as well as the spectators and judges.

Therefore for me the greatest thing is to watch as many different Teams doing Dogdance.