Ria - Darjeeling's Never Ending Dream

Border Collie
9th of March 2008 - Pisces

  • Clickertraining
  • Everyday manners
  • Will see what the future brings
  • Playing with Tilly and Kerry
  • Looking inocent and well behaved (well most of the time she really is;-)
  • Dashing round like mad

  • For such a young dog quite a lot of selfcontrol
  • Learns extremly quick
  • My little cuddly dog

  • From 0 to 1000 in less than a second
  • A bit Borderline (life is black or white, calm or overexcited, there's nothing inbetween)
  • Loves to chew (unfortunately the taste of books and socks seems to be the preferred one;-)
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